Seeing Double

Off on my morning walk this morning, excited to chat with Horace once more. I had been on medication for years but some mornings I just plain forgot which pills I’d taken and so often doubled the dose by mistake. This sometimes made me a little fuzzy but usually the morning jaunt cleared that up. I was […]

Hare Today . . .

So once again I headed off in the early morning for my walk. “My meandering mile” as I liked to call it because it was never a straight line by intention. Up the lane from Paddy’s Puddle, a small lake, there was a tall hedgerow with a gate in the middle. Now, unknown to me at that […]

Giveaway Winners!

So the giveaway is over, and I am blown away by how many people entered. almost 2000 people! The winners have been chosen and I am about to head out to the post office to send them on their merry way to the lucky winners. The signed copies of Gabby will be with you soon!