In 1979 I took the job of bar manager in the Ardilaun House Hotel in Galway city. In order to be able to visit my folks in Moyard, (around 50 or 60 miles away) I bought a brand new blue and white Honda 175cc. Now I’d never ridden a motorcycle before but that would not deter me. […]

The Last Party

In 1980 I was working for two of the most ignorant people I’d ever met in my 25 years on this here planet. My immediate boss was the son of the “big boss” [sounds like the mafia!].

Once Innocent

It was 1983 when I met Stephen, a gay Kiwi in L.A. He was like many others in Hollywood, trying to get “the big break”. Sadly to this day I don’t think he ever did . . . But back to the story. The first time I met him was at a mutual friend’s house […]


I was working for a big time Malibu painting contractor in the mid eighties named John. A jolly likable man in his fifties. So on the Monday morning we all met at the warehouse where the trucks were parked over the weekend. Mondays were always a bit crazy.


I couldn’t write. It was pissing rain and cold cold cold. I loved it! It meant no people but probably no Horace either which saddened me a little. My hare friend and I had had many deep and totally meaningless conversations over the past 3 months. I liked Horace and we had a good time chatting. […]

Too Early

Most nights I slept well but on this particular one I was having a problem. I constantly returned to Tim Robbins crawling through the legs of Raquel Welsh with his rock hammer in that movie, oh you know the one. Great actor, great movie, great legs . . . Raquel’s I mean, not Tim’s. The […]

Seeing Double

Off on my morning walk this morning, excited to chat with Horace once more. I had been on medication for years but some mornings I just plain forgot which pills I’d taken and so often doubled the dose by mistake. This sometimes made me a little fuzzy but usually the morning jaunt cleared that up. I was […]

Hare Today . . .

So once again I headed off in the early morning for my walk. “My meandering mile” as I liked to call it because it was never a straight line by intention. Up the lane from Paddy’s Puddle, a small lake, there was a tall hedgerow with a gate in the middle. Now, unknown to me at that […]